Become An author.

If "YOU" too think you are working on some cool technology & have lots to share about it, We welcome you to please go ahead & share something with us. 

We would like that you post a fun loving article which every individual would love to read & play with it. Did I just say "play" with it. Yup, if you wanna become a techyidiot too, you will just love to play around with any technology and be eager to know more about it.

Well there are no rules to writing, you know it better  how to write. But still  if in doubt on what to write some guidelines could be helpful (These are not rules,, We all hate rules)
1)Why are you using this technology? Not just because your company said so, but there should be a strong driving reason to use  a  particular technology.
2)Where can u implement your technology? if u can think of some practical difficulties  which your technology can simplify,that could be great.
3)For people who would want to start their own company, how can your technology help them.
4)You can direct people to your blog or site by posting a link too, with your article.

I hope these guidelines would be useful.

If u are ready to post, send me your article to the link below saying "I would like to post on this Website".
I would like to post on this Website.

Wishing you all the success & happiness.