Thursday, February 25, 2010

The SAP Proposition (Efficienc y, Flexibility, and Insight in Business Networks)

SAP software is renowned for helping companies achieve the key strategic aspects of a best-run business. With SAP Business Suite applications and SAP BusinessObjects solutions, SAP is applying that leadership in business software to meet new demands and enabling companies to leverage existing SAP ERP applications. 

SAP has long been a leader in the enterprise applications market, helping organizations automate and improve business operations, leading to better business process execution. With the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio of solutions, SAP has enhanced its offering and also provides leading business intelligence software to help  organizations make better strategic decisions. The combined portfolios of solutions give customers superior execution and strategy and, most important, provide the means to align and connect them in a closed-loop system supporting strategic and operational agility. SAP software supports greater efficiency within the company and across the business network, sharpens insight for users based on reliable real-time data, and provides the flexibility to turn insight into strategic decisions. This results in optimized business performance, which enterprises need to stay ahead of the competition. 

By providing a comprehensive portfolio of modular applications, SAP addresses the business needs of enterprises of all sizes in all industries, helping optimize business operations and IT with respect to process flexibility, efficiency, and insight into business networks. Based on open, service-enabled business process and intelligence platforms, SAP software drives end-toend, industry-specific processes and increases insight for all lines of business. In times of limited IT budgets, SAP software helps companies control TCO by providing support for integrated processes and harmonized user interfaces that minimize the need for user training. SAP solutions contribute to simplified software landscapes that greatly reduce integration efforts, help improve a company’s business process management capabilities, and allow process and technology innovation to be activated selectively. 

With SAP software, companies can balance traditional IT transactions and cutting-edge business technology interactions. With the software, businesses can mediate the differences of business technology and information technology – connecting (yet creating a buffer between) the front office and back office and providing the necessary security of data and processes.

SAP Business Suite – Execute on Business and IT Strategies

SAP Business Suite helps enterprises optimize, execute, and align business and IT strategies. With the software, companies have the unique ability to perform essential end-to-end business processes with modular applications that are designed to work with each other. In addition to reporting and analytics functions, companies get a robust technology environment for designing, composing, and adapting business processes that meet specific industry needs, from healthcare to consumer products manufacturing. SAP Business Suite applications support processes for finance, human resources, manufacturing, procurement, product development, marketing, sales, service, supply chain management, and IT management.

Enabled by SOA , SAP Business Suite gives large enterprises the flexibility to adjust business processes in a world of accelerating change. The core applications1 of SAP Business Suite are powered by the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, enabling companies to integrate value chains and leverage SAP and non-SAP solutions from the SAP ecosystem. The platform enables organizations to support the integrity, security, and scalability of missioncritical business processes.

With SAP Business Suite, every line of business can receive transactional information and management reports – anytime from anywhere – through standard SAP interfaces, mobile devices, and desktop applications. The software helps companies connect operations with strategy for planning, budgeting, and operational reporting across organizational divisions and processes.

With the latest releases of SAP Business Suite applications, powerful functionality helps companies address the new challenges of business technology and information technology. The latest versions enable valuable, comprehensive sets of interconnected business processes that support the company’s business strategy and involve multiple lines of business. Preintegrated processes support lines of business in optimizing key performance indicators that contribute to enterprise business strategies. Examples of these value scenarios include:

• Collaborative demand and supply planning and manufacturing network planning for consumer products companies
• Integrated product development for high-tech companies
• Asset safety and compliance for chemical companies

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