Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Open Source Software / Free Software?

Benefits of open source in application

development software:

􀁠 Lowering of software acquisition costs by partially or totally removing the license

component of software

􀁠 The generation of a strong ecosystem that can create a critical mass of

resources and skills for a particular technology, thereby lowering the cost of

developing, deploying, and maintaining it

􀁠 Improved interoperability through greater visibility of the source code, which, after

all, is the most accurate form of specification of a piece of software

􀁠 Improved code quality and alignment of software function with its requirement

through community participation

􀁠 A strategic shift in the control and governance equation of a given piece of

software from its authors to its consumers (In this sense, open source provides a

higher degree of democratization that can provide, for example, assurance that

long-term evolution of software may not entirely depend on the decisions of a

single vendor or group.)
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