Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is Ecommerce & How can it help in effective emarketing?

Imagine a shop which sells almost about everything you would expect to look for in a multi-storied mall, is open and accessible 24 hours by 7, is cheaper than its other counterparts who sell the same stuff, and is just right next to your doorstep. Now imagine something even better. Electronic commerce is all of this, and more! The process, in broad terms, of selling and buying, and in totality, dealing with branding, marketing, servicing, delivering and payment of products over the electronic media, or the internet, was introduced to the world around 3 decades back, and has been growing by the leaps ever since, very deservingly so, owing to its ease of use, extremely wide reach, and several other advantages. Let’s quickly run through a few of the areas where e-commerce is the obvious better choice over other media of sale and marketing.
 The first clear cut advantage that an e-shop would have over a conventional physical retail store, is that of an increase in the potential customer base, which is, theoretically millions of times more than what you would expect from a retail outlet around the corner. No matter how prime the location may be, a retail outlet can only cater to or target the customers based out of or around the area around its own geographical location. An e-shop simply does away with this constraint. Needless to say, the internet has the capability of reaching out to the masses in a way no other media can, So, it would be a smart choice to showcase your product through this never abating, ever growing phenomenon. No sooner than your product is up on the internet, it has the capability of becoming visible and accessible to millions of potential buyers in one instance.
   Another key feature involved in buying/selling over the world wide web is the availability of a variety of modes of payment. The advent of e-somethings has taken the green crisp note under its stride, and the common man thrives with the mushrooming of credit cards and automated teller machines. E-commerce gives your business the competitive edge by not letting the absence of physical money become a limiting factor. Tele banking, credit or debit cards, paypal, and the sorts, name it, and you have the option, and therefore, can provide your client with the option of making a payment in the desired and most convenient method available to them.
  An icing on the cake of featuring your product over cyberspace is this: this method of marketing and sale does away with the conventional product distribution chain, and with that gives you an opportunity to utilize this saved cost in giving you and your customers the added benefit of this competitive pricing. This can then feature as not-to-miss discounts on your favourite e-commerce site, which would then help the portal attract more customers owing to its attractive offers and deals. A win-win,aint it?
In essence, featuring your business on a good e-commerce portal is a smart strategic decision to take your venture to the next level. Visibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness, wouldn’t these be the key factors you would want to work on to give yourself a definite competitive advantage? So what are you waiting for! Get, set and E-biz!! 

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